Practical information

Practical information

For further information on submitting and reviewing Registered Reports, please consult our detailed Guidelines for Authors and Guidelines for Reviewers or contact the editorial team of the GLES Open Science Challenge 2021 via e-mail.

Overview of the Research and Review Process

Word count: 500 words

Submission deadline: July 12, 2021

The abstract should contain a short description offering a general understanding of the planned study. Authors who submitted an abstract will receive an editorial feedback.

Please submit your abstract via email to

Word count: 5,000-6,000 words

Submission deadline: September 25, 2021

The stage 1 manuscript will include your theoretical background, hypotheses, the data and methods you plan to use, as well as your analysis plan. It should not be modified post-IPA, minor changes are permitted, but further modifications will require explicit approval by the editorial team.

Registered Reports are submitted to a double result-blind review process and are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • The description of the theoretical and empirical background of the research.
  • The logic, rationale, and plausibility of the proposed hypotheses.
  • The soundness and feasibility of the proposed research design, concept operationalization, variables selected, and statistical method of data analysis.
  • Whether the proposed analysis offers an adequate and appropriate test of hypothesis.
  • Whether the clarity and degree of methodological detail is sufficient to replicate exactly the proposed data analysis.
  • Whether the authors specify the conditions that must be met for their hypotheses to be testable and how they will deal with situations where these conditions are not met.
  • Whether the authors have pre-specified sufficient statistical tests for ensuring that the obtained results can test the stated hypotheses, including outcome-neutral tests, robustness and quality checks.

Following the Stage 1 review, manuscripts will receive either an in-principle accepted (IPA), or a revise and resubmit, or a rejection. IPA status means the article will be published, pending the successful completion of the study according to pre-registered methods and analytical procedures, and after adding a defensible and evidence-based interpretation of the results in Stage 2.

Word count: max. 9,000 words

Submission deadline: February 27, 2022

The Stage 2 manuscript extends the Stage 1 manuscript by including the results and discussion of these results after data access and carrying out the pre-registered analysis plan. A final syntax file should be submitted together with the manuscript.

Stage 2 manuscripts should resemble a typical journal article format at this point, including a Results and Discussion section. After completion, reviewers will be asked to assess:

  • Whether the theoretical section and the methods section correspond the approved Stage 1 submission.
  • Whether the authors adhered precisely to the registered data analysis procedures.
  • Where applicable, whether any unregistered analyses are justified, methodologically sound, and informative.
  • Whether data visualizations are adequate.
  • Whether the authors’ conclusions are justified given the data.


25.06.21Pre-Release Questionnaires and short Study Description

These documents are accessible via our Downloads section.

12.07.21Stage 0 Abstract Submission

Send an e-mail of introduction, with the abstract attached as a PDF or Word document, to

13.07. – 16.07.21Editorial Feedback The Stage 1 submissions should incorporate Stage 0 feedback.
17.07. – 25.09.21Stage 1 Manuscript Submission  Stage 1 submissions must be uploaded to the editorial manager of PVS: The analysis plan must be registered on a recognized public registry for pre-analysis plans (e.g. OSF, EGAP). For detailed information, see our Guidelines for Authors.
26.09. – 03.10.21Editorial Triage
04.10. – 17.10.21Stage 1 Manuscript Review  For detailed information, see our Guidelines for Reviewers.
18.10. – 23.10.21Editorial Decision
24.10. – 14.11.21Stage 1 Manuscript Revision
15.11. – 19.11.21Revisions Review
20.11. – 24.11.21Final IPA Decision
25.11.21Data Publication GLES Pre-Election Cross Section (CAWI & PAPI) The GLES datasets are provided via the GESIS data archive. A one-time registration is required before the data can be downloaded.
06.12.21Data Publication GLES Rolling Cross Section The GLES datasets are provided via the GESIS data archive. A one-time registration is required before the data can be downloaded.
09.12.21 – 27.02.22 Stage 2 Manuscript Submission  Stage 2 submissions must be uploaded to the editorial manager of PVS. For detailed information, see our Guidelines for Authors and our Code Submission Guidelines.
28.02. – 13.03.22Editorial Triage
14.03. – 27.03.22Stage 2 Manuscript Review  For detailed information, see our Guidelines for Reviewers.
28.03. – 09.04.22Editorial Triage
10.04. – 02.05.22Stage 2 Manuscript Revision
03.05. – 09.05.22Revisions Review
10.05. – 16.05.22 Editorial Decision
17.05. – 05.06.22Stage 2 Manuscript Revision (II)
06.06. – 13.06.22Final Editorial Decision
from 14.06.22 onwardsProduction of the Special Issue