Short-term Campaign Panel

(Component 3)

The campaign-panel (directed by Prof. Dr. Harald Schoen) allows for an analysis of individual changes of political attitudes and political behaviour over the course of the campaign. Therefore, a constant selection of respondents is interviewed up to seven times during the campaign within short intervals – six times before the election and once afterwards. In 2009, 4,552 respondents participated in the campaign-panel. 3,301 respondents were interviewed at least four times and 1,462 respondents were interviewed seven times. The 2013 campaign-panel started with 5,200 responded interviews. Among them, about 1,300 had been part of the 2009 campaign-panel. 3,487 respondents took part in all seven waves in 2013. Respondents of the 2013 campaign-panel were invited to short follow-up interviews in 2014, 2015, and 2016; and will be invited to all interviews of the new 2017 campaign-panel. In contrast to its predecessors, the campaign-panel 2017 starts about 12 month before the Federal Election with a larger sample size of 15,000 and covers up to eight additional waves of interviewing in the election year.

The interviews of the campaign-panel are conducted online. That’s because online surveys allow for short field periods as respondents typically respond quickly to interview requests. This is the only way to accomplish the logistic expense necessary, in order to stay in contact with the large sample in a two-week interval. This implies that only respondents with internet access are able to participate in the study.