Multi Level Panel

(Component Y)

Before the 2009 Federal Election, a multi-level panel was conducted and funded by GESIS and the University of Frankfurt. The starting point of the idea was the „2009 super election year“, in which the European election and state elections in Brandenburg, Saarland, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia took place in addition to the Federal Election. Hence, a three-wave panel design was chosen: 500 respondents in each of the five states and one control group were asked to complete online interviews at each of the three elections. The questionnaire contains questions on political attitudes and vote choice on all three levels of the political system which allows comparing vote rationales between elections.

This component aims at assessing how voters act in the German multi-level political system and which attitudes they hold towards political actors, institutions and issues at different levels of the political system. By making use of a panel design, intra-individual differences in vote choice between elections can thus be traced.